Dr. Wallace A. Miller


I started out life in a small town in rural Michigan on a small family farm. After graduating from High School in 1978, I attended the University of Toledo and graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in 1983. Upon being employed by the corporate Engineering group at Owens Illinois, I was sent to Cincinnati. It was here in Cincinnati that I heard about my need for salvation for the first time in my life at Friendship Baptist Church. Two days after hearing the gospel for the first time, I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior on Easter Sunday in 1984. My college sweetheart (Sharon) and I were married on June 9th, 1984. She was saved in August of 1984, and we were baptized together in September of 1984. Sharon and I can honestly say that we love each other more today than the day we were married over 30  years ago. We have three boys, and consider ourselves and our home blessed.

I began attending evening classes at a local Bible college shortly after being saved. My wife and I began working with the teens at Friendship Baptist Church at the request of our Pastor on the first Sunday in February of 1985. I surrendered to the call to preach in the summer of 1987, and began taking correspondence classes through Bethany Theological Seminary about that time. From that time forward I have seized every possible opportunity to teach or preach that I could. I continued with those classes until I finished my ThD in June of 1992. Brother Preston Richardson and Friendship Baptist Church called me to be an Associate Pastor in July of 1997. At that time, I resigned my career in Engineering to serve on the full-time staff at Friendship Baptist Church. We continued to do youth work at FBC for over 20 years. We were blessed to see hundreds of salvation decisions, significant numerical growth, steady spiritual growth, and great impact on the community around us because of the way in which Christ has placed His hand upon us over the years. What a privilege it was, to watch and be a part of a ministry that grew from just over a hundred to well over a thousand.

The most difficult decision we have ever made as believers, was the one to leave the only Bible-preaching Church (which had become large by that time) we had ever known at the end of 2005, and go on deputation to raise support to start Bible Baptist Church from scratch. We believed then (as now) that God had called us and our family to plant Bible Baptist Church in north Fairfield. God has wonderfully blessed His work at BBC from the day we started on April 2nd, 2006. We were blessed to have at least one first-time visitor every week for the first 90 weeks of our existence. We have been blessed to average over seven FIRST-TIME visitors every week since starting over 11 years ago. God has raised up a wonderful core of faithful and godly people who take their ministries seriously, and sincerely attempt to live the faith they profess on Sunday through the week.  We have now passed out over 250,000 flyers and gospel tracts in our community. Each tract and flyer contained information about salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and an invitation to BBC. By God's grace the ministries at BBC have now grown to include ministries to children, teens, and adults of all ages. To God be the glory... Great things He hath done!

My desire for everyone who visits Bible Baptist Church is for them to find the same things that Sharon and I found so many years ago... someone clearly preaching and teaching God's Word without compromise... some Christian people sincerely attempting to live the Christian life in an ungodly world... a kind and friendly Church with a heart for God and others. I hope you will come and join us some time soon because I believe you can find all of those at BBC!