Bible Baptist Church

Bible Baptist Church was founded as a conservative, independent Baptist Church by Dr. Wallace A. Miller, his family, and 26 other founding members. We are, without apology, a non-denominational independent Bible-believing congregation. 

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In May 2009, we purchased the beautiful 8 acre park located behind the UAW Hall where we initially met. God blessed us to pay-off the new property valued at over $380,000 in December, 2009. We began to build on our property in October of 2011, and moved into our first new building there on May 13th of 2012. We are now blessed to be assembling together and doing ministry in facilities and land valued at over $2,700,000. 

God has brought us a long way from 21 people sitting in metal chairs at our first prayer meeting. Our goal is to stand firmly upon the Scriptures with both sound doctrine and a gracious spirit. We are attempting to reach our world for Jesus Christ by "going", "baptizing", and "teaching" even as Jesus Christ commissioned the first Church He started and commanded in His Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20). 

Our first service was held on April 2nd, 2006 in the UAW Hall in Fairfield, Ohio. Our "mother church" was Hilltop Baptist Church which is also located in Fairfield. We were initially supported financially each month by 12 churches and 13 individuals. We were also supported initially by an additional 10 churches, and 28 additional individuals with a one-time gift of some sort. Bible Baptist Church became a self-sustaining and autonomous congregation, instead of a mission of Hilltop Baptist Church after 9 months on January 1st, 2007. 

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